About Cow Dog Design

What is Cow Dog Design? What makes a cow a cow, a dog a dog and a cow NOT a dog?

To most, the answer might seem obvious. But what about someone who has never learned the difference? Take a toddler for instance. After all, to a young child, both are animals, both have four legs, both have more hair than the average human. So why is one called a “cow” and the other a “dog?”

The answer, of course, is the defining characteristics. Those unique distinctions that make a cow a cow and a dog a dog. The same characteristics that define Heifers from dairy cows, Golden Retrievers from Labradoodles. The distinctions that separate you from your competition, the qualities that give you a competitive edge, the characteristics that make up your company's personality.

So, what is Cow Dog Design, really? And what makes us the best choice for your website needs? Based in Cincinnati, Ohio, Cow Dog Design is a comprehensive web development company that specializes in creating web identities. Just like identifying the distinct qualities that make a cow a cow and a dog and dog, we work with you to identify your unique characteristics and create a custom website that reflects who you are.