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All Just Part of the Show

Early in August KISS introduced a new fan interactive experience to their show. A new program called Liveshare by cooliris. Any fan at a KISS concert carrying a Droid or iPhone can take a photo with the Liveshare app and post it to the jumbotron on stage.

Whether or not you are a fan of KISS musically, this is a brilliant move on their part to include the fans. With this interaction they have created a show that goes past the band and includes thousands in a group experience. Imagine your face or your photo of the band displayed on stage for everyone to see. The KISS Liveshare has given ownership of the show to their fans.

This should be the goal of every online forum on the web. Yet this is the one thing most struggle to achieve. Often forums are over run with spam or over aggressive moderators. Members of a forum need to feel the same ownership over the forum as a KISS fan does at a concert. When this is achieved the over all interaction will grow beyond imagination.

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